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Columbus Ohio Food Photographer, Natalie Murzynski is a professional studio and location photographer servicing the Greater Columbus area. Food photography is one focal point of NM (Natalie Murzynski) Photography. Company portraits and images of restaurant interiors are also available.

If you are restauranteur, baker, food manufacturer, grocery store owner or any other individual in the food industry in need of colorful, appetizing food imagery.

NM Photography creates images for menus, websites, restaurant decor, brochures, packaging, and whatever else you can imagine. Creating mouthwatering imagery for your signature dishes and desserts is right up her alley. Natalie's love of working with the shape, color and texture of food is evident in her beautifully composed images, which showcase the deliciousness of your edible creations.

Natalie's main goal is to make your dishes and desserts look fabulous on paper, through simple, powerful, and colorful imagery. NM Photography wants to bring the power of imagery to your marketing program.

In addition to food photography Natalie also enjoys travel and fine art photography. So feel free to explore her other collections at www.live2create365.com Thank you for stopping by her site. She hopes you enjoy her imagery as much as she has enjoyed creating them.